Dream Home Feature Artist

The countdown to the greatest outdoor show on earth and the unveiling of our 2019 Stampede Rotary Dream Home feature artists work is on.

Every year, the team looks forward to the biggest community home build we have. Beyond showcasing the best in design and home features, it also gives us a chance to put the spotlight on a local artist – and that’s a big deal!


2019 marks eleven years of the Dream Home Artist Project. After that many years, you might think we’ve seen it all. But each year, we’re left in awe of the amazing talent in the community. Our Dream Home team has seen almost all the mediums as submissions for the project: photography, sculptures, painting, graphic design, but this year, the team was floored when they came across a unique mix of mediums – paint and embroidery.

Introducing Mckenna Prather!

As a born and raised Langdonian (or is it Landgdonite?), McKenna draws on the natural beauty around her, vibrant colours, and a trained eye paired with a steady hand. The outcome is beautiful.

“McKenna is a very talented artist and we are excited to have her for this year’s 2019 Stampede Rotary Dream Home,” says Julie Punter, manager of show home selections and presentation at Homes by Avi. “We were instantly drawn to her unique style and how she uses embroidery mixed in with her paint medium. Her small home town vibe is truly expressed through her quaint art.”

Recently diving into her art, McKenna felt the stars aligned on this project, “Just quitting my job about a month ago to give painting an honest try, getting the call back for this project showed me that I should continue on this art path. I’m really excited!”


McKenna’s art will bring a depth to this year’s home that the design team only hoped for – you won’t want to miss it. Catch McKenna’s biggest show to date in the 2019 Dream Home from July 5th – 14th.

Be sure to check out McKenna’s work featured in the 2019 Stampede Rotary Dream Home and visit mckennaprather.com for more.