of this year's 2017 Dream Home!
If you’re anything like me, you imagined winning the lottery as regularly as you floss. It’s fun to let my thoughts roam and wildest dreams unfold and it’s an exercise I think will prepare me for my eventual win (note to self: start buying lotto tickets), and for one lucky family, all their dreaming became their reality. Imagine this:
You’re going along in your regular routine. You turn on the evening news, and settle in to watch the live broadcasting of the Calgary Stampede Lotteries winners’ announcement. You watch every year, like you have for at least 10 years or longer. You can’t recall how many years you’ve bought tickets and tuned in for the announcements; it’s become part of your stampede wind down ritual.  You hope to see someone you know be called as the winner of the truck and trailer, the 50/50, or even the Dream Home. The airing is wrapping up and you don’t recognize any names being drawn… Until you hear your husband’s name. You scream, and start jumping up and down. No audible words come out, just a stream of excitement. Your husband and children bound into the room and you scream “we won the house, we won the house’’.  Your always rational husband, Donald, advises everyone to calm down. It just can’t be. The announcers start to dial the winners. Your landline rings.


Ok, ok, ok, that wasn’t my daydream, but instead the reality of Donald and Marnie Wakelam’s recent win. Last week, I was fortunate enough to meet this years winners Donald and Marnie Wakelam of Nanton, AB at the winners ceremony. Not only were they gracious and kind, but they were also very excited.

“You always dream of winning big, but you can never really imagine” says Donald. “It’s been totally unreal.’’

Being my first year at HBA, and involved with the Dream Home, I couldn’t help but be flooded with excitement for them and I’m now counting down the days until we hand over the keys later this year.
Aside from having the win of a lifetime, the Wakelams and all other ticket purchasers contribute to the great work done by two Calgary Stampede partners: Kinsmen Club of Calgary and Rotary Club of Calgary South.  Thank you all for your continued support, and congratulations Wakelams!