with the Dream Home’s biggest fans!

Every year there are more than one million people who attend the Calgary Stampede, and a good portion of those walk through the Stampede Rotary Dream Home. To our surprise and delight, we see returning faces in the lines every year….  But none as enthusiastic as Cheryl and Rob, Dream Home fan #1 and #2. This year, we met them at the front door (15 minutes before opening) for a Q&A session. Here’s what they have to say about the Dream Home.

WE’RE #1

HBA: If you won, err I mean when you win the grand prize, what will be the first meal you’ll cook in the chef inspired kitchen?

Cheryl: For our first meal…. I don’t think I’d cook a meal, but rather order in and enjoy the house with our friends and family.

: … And who would you invite to dinner?

Cheryl: Of course we’d invite Avi.

Rob: And our closest friends and family.


HBA: What keeps you two coming back each year – and not just coming back, but being first in line for the last… how many years?

Cheryl: We can’t even remember how many years. All the years that Homes by Avi has been building the Dream Home.

: That’s 22 years!

Rob: Yep, I’d say that sounds right. It’s our very first pit stop on the grounds. We love to see the most recent Avi home.


HBA: Wow, that’s quite the track record. I feel like there’s no better people to ask, what has been your favourite dream home?

Cheryl: It’s always the current one. The excitement of it, and it’s always so modern and trend setting. We love them all!

HBA: I know it’s not easy to pick, but what was the most impressive or exciting part of this year’s home?

Rob: I really liked the toe-kick cabinet lighting… I’ve seen under mount cabinet lighting, but not on bottom cabinets.

Cheryl: I love the stairs this year, and the wood holder on the fireplace mantle. It’s so gorgeous! I just love it!

HBA: What’s been your favourite Dream Home inspiration decor that you’ve brought into your home?

Cheryl: I often ask about the furniture, it’s always so beautiful. And I pick up design inspirations or storage ideas. I can always count on the home to be the latest designs so it’s fun to see what the best is, and if it works in our home.

HBA: As Dream Home enthusiasts, what do you want the Stampede go’ers to know about this year’s home?

Rob: I’d have to say the good workmanship, the integrity behind the build.

Cheryl: And how Homes by Avi supports the community, and how the Rotary does too. It’s not only a house!

HBA: As you know, this year’s Dream Home theme was Scandinavian design. If you were to design the next Dream Home, what would the theme be?

Cheryl: Oh, I think we’d keep it somewhat similar to this year. We love that Scandinavian design – sleek, modern, but very natural flooring… and tons of light! I’d have floor to ceiling windows. Skylights! Maybe even circular windows.

HBA: I’m passing on these suggestions, Cheryl;) .
Was there any surprises in the house this year for you? Say, the basement which we’ve never included, until now!

Rob: Yeah we’re happy to see this home includes a basement. That’s never been done before and the render looks great.


HBA: Will you be back next year?

Rob: oh yes!

Cheryl: We’ll be the first in line too!