Learn more about the 2017 Calgary Stampede Rotary
Dream Home.

Homes by Avi has built the Dream Home for the last 22 years, in support of the rotary Club of Calgary South. This year, the home encompasses a theme of Scandinavian design inspiring simplicity and serene living.


Contemporary and simplistic. See the floor plans that combine modern design and earthy inspirations.


A lot goes into the Dream Home. Gain insight into a few of the milestones and communities supported.

The Dream Home is always an exciting challenge, where we set out to design and build a house that is luxurious, that reflects the current trends of the day, and which generates excitement for all Stampede goers. Above all though, we strive to produce a home that we are proud to welcome into any of our communities. In my opinion, this year’s home is all of that, and more.

- Michael Jacobson, director of product development

The Dream Home Winner

If you’re anything like me, you imagined winning the lottery as regularly as you floss. It’s fun to let my thoughts roam and wildest dreams unfold and it’s an exercise I think will prepare me for my eventual win (note to self: start buying lotto tickets), and for one...


There’s no place like home. That saying sure rings true this year with the Dream Home. The home design is both purposeful, and trendsetting, while keeping the functionality of day-to-day activities in mind. Homes by Avi has two very talented decorators that have...


The reveal of this year’s Stampede Rotary Dream Home is here, and as one of our most beloved community builds, we’re excited to show it off. It’s always hard to pick a favourite space in the Dream Home, and this year is no different with each room being so flawlessly...


Building the Rotary Dream Home is always fun, but there’s more to it than that. Each year our teams design a home that can accommodate over 100,000 pairs of feet walking through it – think Ikea chair testing machine on a mini doughnut sugar high – a section-by-section...


Every year there are more than one million people who attend the Calgary Stampede, and a good portion of those walk through the Stampede Rotary Dream Home. To our surprise and delight, we see returning faces in the lines every year….  But none as enthusiastic as...

DREAM HOME 101   We’ve been building the Stampede Dream Home for 22 years! We’re proud of that, and proud of the impact is has on the city.

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A little peek before you check out the real deal!